Our (unfinished) Process Book


This books is a collection of texts and images that emerged from the Independent Study Group working with the GSpeak System during Wintersession 2011.

Holy cLap | g-speak

I’ve just uploaded the movie.

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Self portraits drawn by touch

Self portrait #6

I took the results of my self portraits drawn by touch and inverted the colors so that they’re black on white. The idea was to create a final piece that can exist outside of the GSpeak environment while (hopefully) still referencing the process used for its creation. Here are two of the final images:

Self portraits drawn by touch

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For my final project for the winter session GSpeak workshop, I wrote a basic drawing program that draws a white line following the movement of the user’s hands. Hand gesture determines line’s thickness and the hand’s horizontal position in space determines the line’s transparency. I used the program to draw self-portraits by touch, exploring how the computer might record and represent my experience of touching and being touched. Here’s a process video. I’ll continue to refine the program over the course of the spring semester.

GSpeak process video


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More photos


a new sketch

Screen shot 2011-02-05 at 10.47.28 PM

if you are using the matrix transform…

use this code to get your hand.pos.x and hand.pos.y to map correctly:



For technical reasons, the g-speak (gspeak01) server uses tinywm as its window manager. tinywm is pretty minimal and makes it a little awkward to do normal things like drag windows by requiring you to hold extra keys. Here’s all it does:

  1. Move windows interactively with Alt+Button1 drag (left mouse button)
  2. Resize windows interactively with Alt+Button3 drag (right mouse button)
  3. Raise windows with Alt+F1
  4. Focus windows with the mouse pointer

If you’re running Processing, sometimes item 4 above doesn’t work, making it impossible to type into a terminal. If this happens, you should save your work and exit Processing, then launch it again to get back the terminal focus.

If none of these commands work, you may have activated NumLock. If so, you should turn it off!

Drawing “in the air”

Hello everyone, I’ve been doing experiments with my basic drawing sketches. The first sketch draws ellipses according to the hands position. I programmed different gripes to change the size of the ellipses: Example: “pointer” = x-small. “daintyPinch” = small. “strongPinch” = medium. “. “twoFingers” = large. “fist” = x-large. Details »

More Images

Micah and Bezier Curves

Moving Bezier handles

I’ve been able to translate that red ball sketch to something that controls the handles of the curves. In this example the first anchor point moves around but it shouldn’t be too difficult to have one set of gloves control the anchor points based on hand position and the other set of gloves control the control handles.

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Added a functionality to the bez sketch giving it a stroke when the user makes a fist with both hands, the stroke is then adjusted in size based on the distance between each hand.

Some Images

Concept images


now considering relation with gestures.

movie is here.

Programming advice: Q


Screen shot 2011-01-31 at 3.41.14 PM

I figured out how to solve our random coordinate issue and took it a little further using Jamie’s suggestion to make the points rotate around a diameter.

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jan 31st meeting highlights

(the whole meeting minutes is available on google docs) Details »


Screen shot 2011-01-31 at 11.31.53 AM


risd dots.


Matrix Transformations to get things in the right place

Use the following code to get images and things showing up as they would on your laptop screen:

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Hey everyone, tonight my goal is to develop a cursor object so we can more easily track where the hands are in space, I’ll post the code in the google doc when it’s finished.