For technical reasons, the g-speak (gspeak01) server uses tinywm as its window manager. tinywm is pretty minimal and makes it a little awkward to do normal things like drag windows by requiring you to hold extra keys. Here’s all it does:

  1. Move windows interactively with Alt+Button1 drag (left mouse button)
  2. Resize windows interactively with Alt+Button3 drag (right mouse button)
  3. Raise windows with Alt+F1
  4. Focus windows with the mouse pointer

If you’re running Processing, sometimes item 4 above doesn’t work, making it impossible to type into a terminal. If this happens, you should save your work and exit Processing, then launch it again to get back the terminal focus.

If none of these commands work, you may have activated NumLock. If so, you should turn it off!

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